So it’s boxing day already, the christmas chaos is over, everything is unwrapped. opened and now being enjoyed. It’s always been a favourite day of mine. Everyone is more relaxed, and it’s nice to watch those around you enjoying their presents. aswell as enjoying your own. More…

Love the back detail to this jumper that I’m wearing from Stefanel. It’s plain to the front but when you look further it reveals a little surprise to the back, which is what I like about it. Like a present it has to be untied to get out of, and shows things aren’t always as they first seem…..

My bag is Kurt Keiger and jeans Victoria Beckham.

Have a lovely day all… xxx


Pull them up…

Leg Warmers

(Leg warmers, Stefanel. Jeans, Zara. Top, Reiss. Shoes Christian Louboutin. Bag H&M)

A new addition to my wardrobe, these gorgeous woolly leg warmers. I’ve been after them for a while. My mum bought them for me as a birthday pressie. It’s two weeks away but I managed to persuade her to let me have them early… YES !! Love my mum

Here I’ve worn them  high but you can roll them lower.. .



One of my favourite looks at the moment, jersey pants and heels. Really like the chain detail on the jumper, the weight of the chain made it fall off my shoulder which I love. I was in london yesterday to attend the cosmo blog awards but also had appointments in the day to view a few collections, i’ll post them up soon…

My pants are Stefanel, Cynthia Steffe jumper and Christian Louboutin shoes.


life,love and fashion….

Life,love and fashion are just a few of my passions,without them life itself would be pretty boring… well for me anyway… I thought it would be fun to share them with you in these images. Read on…

(Dress, Topshop boutique, Pants, Stefanel. Booties, Bertie)

(Dress, Topshop boutique, Pants, Stefanel. Booties, Bertie)

(Dress, Topshop boutique, Pants, Stefanel. Booties, Bertie)

I was having a lazy day today so I wore my jumper dress and as it’s so versatile it looked great with a pair of slouchy pants and these wedge sneaker booties, gonna be wearing these a lot… jeans,leggings and dresses will look great with them.