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So….. welcome to my new site !!!! Been working on it for the last couple of months now along with the new boutique.Hence the sporadic posting. I really hope you like it as much as I do. Been lots of hard work and I hope Charlie ( blog developer ) forgives me for being such a pain in the arse.. but I think It was worth it and we’ve made a lovely site.
It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I started blogging, so it feels like a dream come true for me.
I have a shop feature coming soon too. You can find it under the dress with Dawn section. I’ve also got a wish list you can shop from..includes lots of my new season faves. The ‘about’ illustration is defo one of my favourite additions… ooohhh I’m still so thrilled and feel so lucky to get the site I love.
I’ve worn something sparkly and glam on top today with some of my timeless denim cut off’s. I never seem to tire of them ( sorry if I bore you with them but I do tend to wear them with practically everything). Love the colour combo on this markus lupfer sweater and the fact I can glam up something as simple as sandals and shorts with it. I’d love your thoughts on the new site -please feel free to tell me all about them here … Dawn xx

I was wearing
Markus Lupfer Sweater
Zara Shorts ( similar here)
Celine trio bag
Zara heels (I love these)
Earrings (similar here)
Celine sunglasses