White leather jacket

Another double up on colour. This time it’s all white and I get to wear it in the sunshine rather then the snow. I love the white leather jackets around right now- a perfect piece for holidays and the coming summer of course. These pics were taken early morning, another great part of the day on the island. I woke early everyday with ease. No struggling to get out of bed here. This was obviously noticable to my children, I think my eldest commented on the fact and was in shock at my apperance at 6am with wide eyes rather then a sleepy head .. but it is so easy to wake up when the weather is warm and the view outside is so stunning. I didn’t want to miss any part of these beautiful days. Simple clothes are a must for me on hols. I don’t have time to bother too much with dressing and since my hair is natuaraly curly it can prove difficult to manage, especially when mixed with the sun and sea I’m sure to create one big fuzz, hence why I tie it back most of the time… besides I like the laziness of it all. No hassle dressing, hair and make-up.

I was wearing
J Brand white leather jacket
Stefanel vest
Zara skirt (past season)

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