Instagram week

I love using instagram it’s so quick and easy and I don’t have to carry my camera every where with me.Instead I use my iphone to upload my pics.. Here are a few from my past week,my visits to London, coffee stop off’s,lunches and outfit posts.Follow me @dressmeperfect on instagram

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last days of summer

(Jacket/Isabel Marant.Shorts/Past season H&M.Boots/Ash)

Can it be that the summer has passed already.. sad to know the summer nights are over and we are slowly drifting into autumn. Thou I’m not too bothered at the moment as September happens to be my favorite month, I adore the honey glowed evenings,the crisp days… and the wearing of summer and winter clothing together. I love to introduce my winter pieces but still like to hold onto summer fabrics and light colors.Shorts worn with coats rather then vests seem kind of perfect for a September day.

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Never fade…

(Boots/Ash.Cami/Vinatge Dolce & Gabbana.Leather shorts/H&M.Glasses/Celine)

It’s ok I haven’t gone out with nothing other then this cami on,I have shorts underneath.I do like this look with ankle boots.Wore this baby-doll-cami-print top from dolce and gabbana which has been nestled in my wardrobe for years and one of my most favorite buys. It’s one of those great pieces that never fades…



(Isabel Marant Skirt.Ash Jalouse boots.Zara bag)

It seems possible these ankle boots by ash are going to become one of a permanent fixture. I adore the look with skirts,jeans and just about everything else apparel. I hankered after the Isabel Marant pair which are identical to these but had sold out in my size just about everywhere.The skirt I picked up on my recent trip to london.. it’s one of a few pieces I got my hands on in this bo-ho/cowgirl/navajo style…

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Not a jacket

(Denim/Riverisland.Jumper/Zara.Belt/Past season Gucci)

Simple jumper over shirt combo for what is supposed to be a sunny August day… more like autumn day. Quite frustrating to think it’s nearly the end of summer and we’ve not had too much use out of our shorts and sandals. Here I’m layering denim-wearing it under clothing rather then wearing it as a jacket or outer wear…. a nice twist.

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