Once an international athlete for my country. I have trained with and competed against some of Britain’s and the world’s best performing athletes. I was ranked top ten in the womens 400m back in late 1990′s early 2000′s, and number one in Wales throughout all the age groups in every distance from 100m to 800m. I trained for the 2000 Sydney Olympics which I missed out on by tenths of a second. My training partner at the time went on to win Olympic bronze in the 400m.

I found myself away most weekends competing and enjoying great times with some amazing people. I ran from the age of 9, a love I think I was born with… I can remember wanting to race everyone in sight from as young as 5. I begged my parents to take me to the local stadium which was cinder back then, and from that day I didn’t miss a session. I raced x country and track for years. Eventually I found my love in sprinting and 400m. I gained a bronze at the world student games and still hold records at stadiums and over 300m that has stood for 20 years. Sadly I didn’t achieve all my ambitions as I fell pregnant with my first son and since then I struggled to commit to the sport. My love to be with him was far greater.

I never really had the chance to explore or develop my love for fashion because I was so busy wearing tracksuits, but alongside my sport I had another passion, Fashion. It dates back as long as my love for sport.
Back in Febuary 2011 I found the world of blogging and thought it was time to unleash my passion and knowledge. I have spent many years collecting designer pieces and absorbing styles from top designers. I would spend hours collecting images from catwalks and editing them into beautiful collages. I have some beautiful documents from over the years where I put together statement looks and loves.

Designers are producing beautiful pieces year after year helping us women look and feel amazing!! I love that !!

I want to celebrate how great women are looking in this new generation where age really doesn’t matter WHERE LOOKING GREAT FEELS SO GOOD !!

Fashion is now so beautiful its hard to leave any one look behind.
I want woman to see that style is not about looking a certain way.

It’s about finding what makes you feel great. It doesn’t have to be hard or contrived. Some times we can be confused by fashion,what’s in;whats out. We get bombarded with images, do’s and dont’s to a point where woman resign themselves to never figuring out what it is that suits them. I want to show you it doesn’t have to be that way.

I hope to inspire women and help them create their own style. I want women not just to desire a look but to wear it themselves with confidence.
I’m posting articles on my personal style,styles from the Cities of the UK and great shopping buys.

Please enjoy my blog and follow me on my fashion journey.