Inside out.


What’s in the bag… just a little glimpse of my daily carry around. I don’t tend to over load my bag. I’m not a fan of an aching shoulder from carrying too much daily luggage. Nothing more painful then a heavy bag strap. As you can tell this is my favourite handbag of all time. A complete spoil but worth it. It’s certainly the most comfortable of all the bags I’ve acquired over the years. It takes the weight completely and sits perfectly at the side. It’s that easy to use I sometimes forget I’m carrying it. I love so many handbags at the moment but they are rather highly priced and well outside my budget.I’m not complaining thou, this Celine bag is certainly enough to please for a lifetime. I have a few bags set aside for my daughter. I don’t want to use them too much as I don’t want them ruined for her. I have a treasure trove ready for her. It’s pretty impressive and I think she’ll be a happy little teenager when it comes around. Not that I’m using her as an excuse to build on my collection…. well, not too much. I’m sure she will appreciate my hard work. Ha ha. I’m certainly putting the word investment pieces to good use…. Dawn xx

In the bag
Tom Ford Perfume
Tom Ford Bronzer
Dolce & Gabbana Lip gloss
Celine Handbag
Celine sunglasses

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