Layering dresses

Layering Dress, Zara & Malene birger. Jacket topshop. Boots, Zara

Out and about in London yesterday saw me layering several sheer dresses for a spring morning. In-fact my outfit consisted of three dresses, I added a wide leather band wrapped high around my waist to give the dress more shape. Thou I usually like to wear the top dress loose I thought belted matched my dinner jacket. I have more pictures of this outfit, colour and detail that I’ll post up tomorrow.



(Jacket, Topshop. Top, Reiss. Headband, Alice Hannah. Boots, Zara. Belt, Gucci)
I love town in the mornings, when the early morning workers are getting the town ready for it’s day… The morning I took these I had to be up early as I had to grab a few things from Reiss to take along to a shoot I was styling.. I was feeling kinda fragile as the night before I had put on a fashion show for a breast cancer awareness charity. The night ran over and it had turned out to be a late one… but it’s all good when your on the path to doing the things you love !

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