On an evening out with my lovely family whilst on my hols.This t-shirt dress is Stella McCartney past season but a great piece to pack.Its simple and easy to wear exactly what you need when you been saturated by the sea salt and sand all day. No hassle dressing-I also love the leopard face on this timeless piece,still seems very current.

I wore
T-Shirt dress Stella McCartney. Boots, Zara, Givenchy Bag and H&M jacket.

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Grunge and Curls

(Jumper/Topshop.Skirt/Roberto Cavalli. Boots/Zara)

Decided to go back to my roots and curl my hair. Growing up with a full head of curls made my life easy, no fuss-no styling- I could wake up and just go…. wish it were that easy now!! I’m trying also to keep the roots dark, well for as long as I can bear it !! I do like the rooty look but sometimes it can just look too harsh on me. Loving the studs and embellished knitwear right now, this grunge studded knit is from topshop. Teamed it here with denim skirt and suede boots. Visiting London tomorrow hoping to return with my desired Isabel Marant boots.. watch this space !


White on White

An outfit I put together for an event I was invited to this week. Went along to a slick new cocktail bar ( lab 22) where I enjoyed canapes and cocktails and a few laughs with my lovely sister. I wore white on white something I’ve been doing for the last month or two. I do love the freshness of it and it’s different to the strong patterns and pastels out there right now. My Creamy shorts are past season Lover but they are so adorable I couldn’t resit the wear. My white waist coat is new season Zara, it has a pretty feathered detail running along the bottom and a deep cut under-arm, a style I’m loving at the moment, can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can wear it with a similar cut vest.

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Dungaree day

Half way through the week and I couldn’t resit one of my favourite breakfasts. Wore my H&M dungarees and vest with my zara boots. Easy to wear and so comfortable. It’s great to wear denim without wondering if your gonna get the fly and button up that day.. these just slip on. They fit loose around the waist so there’s plenty of room for my breakie…. me and dungarees could become very good friends. I would love a cream silk pair to wear with heels for nights out, the hunt is on

See how I wore my dungarees here


W1 – Carlos Place

Dress, Malene Birger. Layered dress, Zara.. Jacket, topshop. Boots Zara.

I would never get away with wearing just one of these dresses as the weather is still too chilly, so putting them together seemed like the perfect solution. As I said yesterday I layered up three sheer dresses to get the look. I can say I was happy to get my way and wear them even thou it’s still only a few degree’s above zero. Guess that’s he beauty of layering !!