Marks and Spencer Style challenge- Final week

So it’s the final week of the marks and spencer style challenege. This week my job was to style the dress for a yummy mummy- a woman returning back to work after having a baby. I’ve decided to add this peplum top as it can be a great way to hide the belly. After having children you can be quite aware of that part of body and this flared bottom can move the emphasis nicely away.The belt I’ve added as this helps to pin in the waist and give you back some shape.Having three children myself I know what it’s like to want things back to how they were and how depressing it can feel not to fit into your old clothes. Even if you didn’t gain a lot of weight,body shape changes and that too can make things harder when dressing. Don’t feel down thou like I’ve shown here there are great ways to hide and distract. Layering is a great way to dress after having children as I’ve shown here- adding the top over the dress and a  cute little jacket to keep the shape. Don’t feel you have to drown yourself in long or baggy clothing and most importantly don’t think you have to look perfect or as before this is the new you- You can still look and feel confident no matter what.

I’m wearing

Dress Marks and Spencer


Leopard print coat

Like I said the weather has been a bit hit and miss for a few days here in Mallorca. However listening to my brother who lives in mainland Spain we’ve been pretty lucky to have had the days of glorious sunshine we’ve had.Thankfully I picked up this fabulous coat from Zara. I was kinda happy to see the rain to wear it. Not so good for these gorgeous Celine sandals that I’ve become so addicted to wearing I think I would sleep in them if I could (joking) ….

I’m wearing
Zara coat. Celine sandals. Celine Audrey sunglasses. Topshop boutique vest.

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