Pants, New Season Acne ♥ Blouse, New Season H&M ♥ Jumper, New Season Topshop

Thought I’d bring some brightness to the start of my 2012. I bought these pants a few weeks ago, I want to cut the pockets out to give a better shape but with the chaos of xmas I haven’t had the chance. I think they make the hips look too bulky, I’d rather a smoother line but I couldn’t resit getting them all the same.

I’ve mixed soft pastels with a strong florescent jumper for a fresh sporty look. My outfit is inspired by my new zest to getting fit again. I want to do some form of training that I enjoy. It’s been such a long time since I worked out and for some reason I’ve been missing it of late. I think it was sparked by my sprint the other day to catch the departing train home from London. I managed to board it just in time, but for my troubles I had a burning chest for a good half hour.. the alarm bells rang and I realised I really need to get fit again. I also want to generally tone up, oh and try to eat less take out. Having a ditsy waist has always been one of my desires but I’ve never managed to accomplish it. Sometimes it’s just body type. Even when I was training full time for my athletics I couldn’t get tiny, looking back I realised I was a strong woman able to lift weights in league with world class athletes, which I guess was more relevant then my waist measurements. The problem with my training since I quit track is that I get too competitive and want to lift the same weights I did back then and race cars on what’s supposed to be a gentle jog.. ha ha. Well I’m gonna see how it goes and hopefully I’ll find the time to train again.

Good luck to you all in 2012.

Dawn xxx