24 hours

From top to bottom
On the tenovus charity fashion shoot
Castle arcade
styling gents
Foot on the pedal
Parking the car
My roller skates from tenovus
Zara denim shorts
Crunchie biscuits

I started instagramming last night and I’ve been doing it all day! The results.. my day styling for the tenovus donation campaign. I had to source outfits from several tenovus charity shops to style a shoot that took place in the arcades of Cardiff. Roller skates I was kindly given as a little pressie from tenovus.I had found them in one of the tenovus shops and used them for a cool 80’s look on the shoot today. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them,well my feet in them !! A new pair of shorts I’m hoping to wear when this rain stops. My chocolate fix and a very sleepy me before bed….

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