Peaches & Cream

Mid week mania- nothing new there. The summer is flying by. Thankfully this week we’ve had some sunshine. I’ve had such a busy week. It’s hard work trying to juggle children and wanting to achieve a dream. If I’m not around the children, I miss them and their smiling faces. I try to fit everything in on the one or two days my daughter goes to nursery, just so I don’t miss too much of this precious time with her.And of course my boys are older and attend school everyday.That makes things easier, when you know they have to be in school by law-kinda takes the guilt of you for leaving them. I’ve never found it easy spending time away from them and I’m often torn on moving things forward with ideas I have and spending time with them. It’s hard work being a woman ha ha …..
This outfit consists of a mix of peaches and cream- soft dreamy tones of summer. Ah milk it whilst you can. The suede shorts are past season h&m and I was about to sell them. Of course I had to try them on one last time. You know, just-in-case I shouldn’t sell them. And yes you guessed it. I’m keeping them. Loved them more this year then last. Sometimes it’s worth while hanging onto little pieces, as your style and taste changes year by year.

I was wearing
J Brand leather jacket (similar here & here)
H&M shorts ( similar here)
Zara shoes ( something beautiful here & here)
Stefanel tshirt (similar here )
Celine Sunglasses


Fringe & Leather


Photographs by Richard Swingler

Last week I was lucky enough to have a few pictures taken by a professional photographer for a press feature. An editorial piece about my life as a former professional athlete, motherhood and now fashion blogger. You can read the article online here. It will also appear in local publications the western mail and echo.
I wore this gorgeous cream fringe top that I picked up in the recent sales, along with this years love. My biker leather by Carven. The fringe top is quite different to what I would normally wear, but I like the texturing and how it’s free movement contradicts the structured leather. I’s also great for taking empahsis of parts that we sometimes wish items to float over rather then cling onto. I’m sure it’s a little number I’ll bring out time and time again. Guessing it will be fabulous with jeans and pants as well as skirts and shorts. As I’ve worn here. I added a beautiful pair of my jimmy choo shoes. An intricate snake detail in a pale gold leather-stunning. Not sure if I can class them as vinatge? Been hard to find anything like them since I bought them back in I think …2004? Still one of my very best pairs of shoes.

I was wearing
Stella McCartney Top
Zara Skort
Vintage Jimmy choo sandals (Similar here)
Carven leather
Celine Handbag



Sunday Style

A laid back sunday spent eating and chilling out. I do love being busy and cramming in as much as I can but I also love the excuse of a lazy sunday. For me this mainly consist of cathing up with family and more often then not eating a typical sunday roast. I try to keep away from cooking it myself and head to one of my favourite eating places to be looked after. Usually end up eating far too much and spending the remainder of the day moaning about the fact. Casual dressing in my distressed mango jeans and zara military shirt, worn open with a simple black vest. Couldn’t leave the house without a little glamour, so added my 4 inch louboutins, of course. Keeping my glasses permanently on as I was out last night on a dancing/general let loose kinda evening. Nights like that are a must ! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. Dawn xxx


I was wearing
Mango jeans
Celine Handbag
Celine Tv screen sunglasses
Topshop Vest
Zara shirt (similar here)


High and Slinky

A beautiful day called for a fabulous pair of slinky high shoes. Paired these naked shoes with denim’s and a tee. I’ve been a bit quiet this last week-but I’m back to the blog and looking forward to the company blog awards next week. I do love high heels not practical for every part of my day. Really couldn’t magine doing the school run in them but I don’t need too much of an excuse to change quickly back into them

I was wearing
Celine shades
Zara shorts (similar here)
River island shoes ( something I like here)
Stefanel T-shirt



I’ve been away in London all weekend- a chance to get away and have some fun. Relaxing in London is not usually what I do best, but I made a big effort to stay away from the busy streets and shops and sit down to enjoy my time out. The renaissance hotel is a magnificent building. It’s hard not to stand there and trance at how awesome it is. Love historic buildings that can tell a thousand tales. So much history in a hotel makes the stay even more enjoyable. I could sit in the lobby for hours sipping wine and day dreaming,whilst the world rushes by just outside on the busy platforms of St Pancras. I chilled out in this light-weight bomber jacket and skort. The pics are a little grainy as by the time I decided to get of my backside and take a few snaps the light had faded.