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Laid back weekend dressing. As you probably know my style is pretty simple and features lots of easy to wear single pieces. I like clothes I can wear again and again. Things like this Acne jumper dress and feet to the floor sandals are my kinda attire. Pieces to keep and wear for everyday dressing. It can be as simple as a shirt and jeans. Nothing too over the top or cluttered. Great sweaters, jeans, shorts and tee’s are the perfect basics for dressing. You can often find me wearing the same pieces on here but in different ways. I like showing pieces that are versatile and compatible with lots of other different pieces. Nothing worse then having clothes that sit dormant in the wardrobe.
So I find myself waltzing around the town shopping in these gorgeously comfy flats. Love the grecian style to these sandals. The caged design is certainly more warrior then goddess.For sure the easiest way to get around as quickly as possible and my acne jumper dress that I’ve had since spring. (worn before here )
Have you seen all the lovely new season fashions arriving quicker then you can blink…. any faves?? I’ve certainly got a growing list of desires. I keep adding them to the hotlist. Acquiring them is a different matter of course, but I’ll give it a good go.

I was wearing- Acne Jumper dress (new season style here) Emu Australia sandals (gifted). Mulberry bag.


Fit & Flare

Burgundy and very flirty. This cute mini skirt with it’s fitted waist and ruffled flared hem is one of my favourites. I have to say I do have a thing for isabel marant. I always seem to find myself drawn to her designs year after year. It’s the second skirt from her collection I’ve added to my wardrobe. I just think it’s simple, easy to wear and typical of Marant’s uber cool parisian style. Great for now and for later-(of course) I’ve been yet again torn from my blog to attend to other matters this week… won’t bore you with the details. But I took these pictures today and realised how much it makes me smile when I’m back blogging. I can’t believe how much I actually enjoy it. I really do love hearing from you in your emails, comments and lovely messages on twitter,instagram and facebook. It’s great to know you’ve bought something I’ve photographed or that I’ve helped to inspire you to wear an outfit-It honestly makes my day. Hope you have a fabulous weekend

xxx Dawn

I was wearing

Isabel Marant Freja mini Skirt (new season)
Topshop boutique vest
Zara sandals
Celine sunglasses
Celine handbag


Plaid Madness

A complete mash up of of plaids and florals and I love it. Such a cute skirt/short combo. Love the sheer plaid skirt over the heavy floral shorts design. A very playful look. I added the rose mad vest to join in the fun. I’ve never gone for plaids but I think I might have a crush on this kind of combo. Shall be looking out for a few more clashing pieces to wear over the next few months. It was only when listig the items below that I realised apart from the jacket the whole outfit is zara.

I was wearing

Skirt/shorts Zara (something pretty here)
Mad Vest Zara
Shoes Zara
Ring Roberto Cavalli
Jacket Carven (similar here)
Celine Handbag


Bare minimum

Early evening is certainly my favourite time of day-people and temperatures start relaxing a things feel a lot less hectic. Kept things to a minimum today. It’s definitely easier that way. It’s such a problem when the weather gets hot here in the UK- we always seem so unprepared for it. Lack of outdoor swimming pools, beach clubs and dining areas makes things harder. Certainly not complaining,well apart from yesterday when I was in London. It was so hot around oxford street that I was glad to leave- that’s a first for me. I usually love visiting London.
I’m not one to sit in the sun. I enjoy the ease of living the weather brings-like not having to worry about getting rained on etc. The only worry I guess is protecting your skin. I bought some great beauty products recently. I’ve been using the una brennan brand for some time now and love trying the different ranges. I’ve got a new vit c skin brightener which include a protector. I know we don’t have an incredible amount of sunshine or vit d and it’s good to soak up the rays but we should still be aware of the dangers of the sun. It’s always good to look after your skin.

I was wearing
3.1 Phillip lim Vest
Denim shorts
Zara sandals (similar here& here)
Celine bag


Rockin’ boots

Bring on the heat wave.. decided to go with these gorgeous tassled boots with cream lace shorts for my saturday. A little boho chic and as you probably know from a few of my other posts. I’m still in the mood for mixing the heavy with the light, sweet v’s cool girl. These are new season boots so I’m guessing they’ll be a regualr feature on my blog for the next few months. Great pair to carry you from summer into autumn-not that I like to think about those cold days too much. Time to light the barbie and pour out the pimms. Have a wonderful weekend all. Dawn xx

I was wearing
Zara lace shorts (something similar here)
River island boots ( something cool here & here)
Stefanel Tshirt
Celine sunglasses
Celine handbag