Leather Biker Jacket

Wondering through the streets of london it’s hard not to stop and take a few outfit pics, well that’s if you take pictures of outfits all the time (me). Any pretty street, lane or building sparks the urge for a quick photo shoot. I nipped outside after my lunch meeting to take these pics after spotting this pretty walkway just opposite the restaurant. Another great thing about London is, no one cares to look whislt you strike a pose for a someone with a camera half bent on one knee in the middle of the road!!!

I was wearing
Reiss leather
Victoria Beckham Jeans
Mulberry bag (Similar here)
Celine Sunglasses


Grunge and Curls

(Jumper/Topshop.Skirt/Roberto Cavalli. Boots/Zara)

Decided to go back to my roots and curl my hair. Growing up with a full head of curls made my life easy, no fuss-no styling- I could wake up and just go…. wish it were that easy now!! I’m trying also to keep the roots dark, well for as long as I can bear it !! I do like the rooty look but sometimes it can just look too harsh on me. Loving the studs and embellished knitwear right now, this grunge studded knit is from topshop. Teamed it here with denim skirt and suede boots. Visiting London tomorrow hoping to return with my desired Isabel Marant boots.. watch this space !




Caught the sun setting on what turned out to be a beautiful evening. After consistant showers and grey clouds the sun decided to shine. Invested in this checked lined wax jacket as I’m tired of being caught in-between three seasons in one day. Feel like I should be writing a weather blog but I guess it does dictate what to wear and how we dress here in the UK. Wearing here; silk lace trim shorts and knitted plunging under-arm tank both from topshop. With it’s seductive cut and soft colour this tank is one of my fav’s.

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