Leather Biker Jacket

Wondering through the streets of london it’s hard not to stop and take a few outfit pics, well that’s if you take pictures of outfits all the time (me). Any pretty street, lane or building sparks the urge for a quick photo shoot. I nipped outside after my lunch meeting to take these pics after spotting this pretty walkway just opposite the restaurant. Another great thing about London is, no one cares to look whislt you strike a pose for a someone with a camera half bent on one knee in the middle of the road!!!

I was wearing
Reiss leather
Victoria Beckham Jeans
Mulberry bag (Similar here)
Celine Sunglasses


Marks and Spencer Style challenge- Final week

So it’s the final week of the marks and spencer style challenege. This week my job was to style the dress for a yummy mummy- a woman returning back to work after having a baby. I’ve decided to add this peplum top as it can be a great way to hide the belly. After having children you can be quite aware of that part of body and this flared bottom can move the emphasis nicely away.The belt I’ve added as this helps to pin in the waist and give you back some shape.Having three children myself I know what it’s like to want things back to how they were and how depressing it can feel not to fit into your old clothes. Even if you didn’t gain a lot of weight,body shape changes and that too can make things harder when dressing. Don’t feel down thou like I’ve shown here there are great ways to hide and distract. Layering is a great way to dress after having children as I’ve shown here- adding the top over the dress and a  cute little jacket to keep the shape. Don’t feel you have to drown yourself in long or baggy clothing and most importantly don’t think you have to look perfect or as before this is the new you- You can still look and feel confident no matter what.

I’m wearing

Dress Marks and Spencer


New year New hair

Vest, New Season Topshop. Jeans Victoria Beckham. Boots, Past season KG.

As I reported yesterday I got my hair cut. Thought I’d take a few shots to show you the style. I love how easy it is. Woke this morning, brushed it and away I went ! Great for me as I never have long to get ready, and If I do I have a little girl sat on my lap trying to do everything she see’s her mummy doing… which is difficult when it means she’s unscrewing nail varnish pots and trying to put eye shadow on with my blusher brush…
Today I wore mint green and navy stripped vest from topshop, thrown on with my faithful Victoria Beckham jeans and my old boots. On my nails I wore matching mint green nail varnish. (The one I featured in my previous post, new colours)

Hope you’ve all had a nice day ? Isn’t it nice to see the days drawing out.. the hope of Spring. Wow it’s five o clock and I can still see the fields outside my window.

Dawn xxx