Statement Jewels

Wearing this egyptian styled neck piece to bring life to this simple piece of knitwear, great with a plain t’shirt too. I’m usually one to indulge in something around my wrists but I guess the growing fever for something attractive around the neck has gotten hold of me and I’m now indulging in various neckcessories. I especially love the egyptian kinda vibe to jewelry- something mystical about that time.What’s your favourite piece of jewelry ?

I was wearing
Topshop Jumper
Topshop necklpiece
River island Boots
Zara shorts
Celine Trapeze Handbag
Celine TV Screen sunglasses


Trio shoulder bag

An evening stroll through old town Palma, one of my favourite places and with the sun setting against peachy stone walls and cathedrals it’s beauty makes it the loveliest place to be. I guessed it perfect for snapping this gorgeous Celine trio bag. This is definately far from my usual choice of handbag but I really couldn’t resist the colour. The choice was between this and the current seasons blue but I was drawn to the red. Makes a complete change for me in every way,which is what I actually love about it. It’s the perfect strolling handbag and great for around town. Beats the heavy bags I’m usually lugging around full of things I rarely need but daren’t remove for the ‘just incase’ scenario.This mimimal bag forced me to be far more practical. For the first time in agaes I actually knew what was in my handbag…. There’s also the popper detail which allows you to remove the front compartment to use as a clutch. Perfect two bags in one.

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I was wearing
Celine Bag (similar here)
Lover Shorts
Zara Mac
Zara Shoes
Celine TV Screen sunnies

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Roll um up

I’ve not posted much these last few weeks- been so busy with christmas and family and other projects – two I’m working on now and I’m so excited about them… fingers crossed all goes well and I’ll be able to post about it very soon !! Today I decided to roll everything up- both jeans and jacket (sleeves) went up a few inches maybe in anticipation for spring but it’s always been a favorite look of mine. It’s just hard to do it a lot in this climate, usually ankles and hands are well wrapped up in boots and gloves. Brightened everything up with this acid orange coloured jumper, not a colour I tend to wear but I actually really like it. The new spring/summer colours are full of pastels and acid neons.. sometimes all too much to take in- but can’t wait to to be dressing in them.

Pleased to say this look made Asos fashion finder front page ..delighted !! Thanks asos xxx

Today I was wearing

Jaeger jumper

Reiss leather

River island boyfriend jeans

Mulberry bag

Christian Louboutin heels.(similar here)

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Marks and Spencer Style challenge- Final week

So it’s the final week of the marks and spencer style challenege. This week my job was to style the dress for a yummy mummy- a woman returning back to work after having a baby. I’ve decided to add this peplum top as it can be a great way to hide the belly. After having children you can be quite aware of that part of body and this flared bottom can move the emphasis nicely away.The belt I’ve added as this helps to pin in the waist and give you back some shape.Having three children myself I know what it’s like to want things back to how they were and how depressing it can feel not to fit into your old clothes. Even if you didn’t gain a lot of weight,body shape changes and that too can make things harder when dressing. Don’t feel down thou like I’ve shown here there are great ways to hide and distract. Layering is a great way to dress after having children as I’ve shown here- adding the top over the dress and a  cute little jacket to keep the shape. Don’t feel you have to drown yourself in long or baggy clothing and most importantly don’t think you have to look perfect or as before this is the new you- You can still look and feel confident no matter what.

I’m wearing

Dress Marks and Spencer