College days

Loving the varsity bombers around at the moment. Dressing mine here with heels but I also love it with my blazers. These kinda jackets have always reminded me of the American movies or something from ‘grease’ – remembering how I wanted to be Sandy or maybe ultra cool Rizzo ? I think my sisters and I played out every scene from that film word for word. All that were missing at the time were the pink satin bombers-So this jacket isn’t pink and satin but it’s a little bit on the american dream theme. Today I’ve posted links to achieveing the look from the high street. I hope it helps. xxx

I was wearing
Topshop Varsity Jacket
Christian Louboutin Heels (Similar here)
Mulberry Bag (Similar here)

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Leather Biker Jacket

Wondering through the streets of london it’s hard not to stop and take a few outfit pics, well that’s if you take pictures of outfits all the time (me). Any pretty street, lane or building sparks the urge for a quick photo shoot. I nipped outside after my lunch meeting to take these pics after spotting this pretty walkway just opposite the restaurant. Another great thing about London is, no one cares to look whislt you strike a pose for a someone with a camera half bent on one knee in the middle of the road!!!

I was wearing
Reiss leather
Victoria Beckham Jeans
Mulberry bag (Similar here)
Celine Sunglasses


Sheer Black

Simple sheer and a little sultry this pure transparent blouse from Miu Miu is everything I adore in a blouse – do love it when I find a special piece. This gorgeous blouse is certainly one of my fav’s and one I’m sure I’ll have in my wardrobe for years to come. Classic blouses are always a sure staple piece. I’ve even worn mine to the beach.

I was wearing
Miu Miu Blouse
River island shorts
Celine Audrey sunglasses

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London Fashion Week: Final day- Outfit post

I was lucky enough to get to london for the last day of Fashion week. I saw a few shows thou I wasn’t feeling the dark colours of winter when the sun was shining and I was head to toe in yellow !! It’s hard to imagine wearing heavy winter clothes when we haven’t even explored all that’s summer yet !! I rarely wear such bright colours but I was drawn to these yellows pants several weeks ago and when I found the top in zara the day before it seemed the perfect pairing for a sunny day in London. A big juicy thank you to the Nyanzi report for taking these pics for me.Mwah xxxx

I was wearing
Stella McCartney Vandella croppedtrousers (here )
Zara top
Ganni leather ( here)
Asos bag (Similar here)
Topshop heels (here)

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Lieutenant shirt

So I’m back from holiday (sad face) truly missing the beautiful scenery and warmth. I really don’t deal well with the cold. I guess I can’t complain too much, at least it’s stayed dry since I got back.I picked up a few new pieces over the weekend, especially love this milatary styled shirt with the silver hardware to the shoulders. A great statement piece and also useful for layering up for everyday wear. I was supposed to be in London for fashion week but I had a nasty fall whilst on my hols and cut my leg open. Sadly I’ve needed it to be dressed daily (another sad face) so I’ve missed all the LFW fun. I’m hoping to get there for the final day thou-fingers crossed.

I was wearing
Mango jeans (Shop them here)
Blouse (similar here)
Chriatian louboutin heels (shop here)
Celine Audrey sunglasses (shop them here)
Ganni leather (shop it here)

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