I’m all sequins and gold. Put a few pieces together for my outfits this week. Love the forefinger rings at the moment. I like to load up my hands with accessories. I find jewellery a great way of expressing myself, or the kinda mood i’m in. I feel different when i wear these statement pieces… i use my hands to express myself a lot so it figures that i like to dress them up…read on for exciting news

( Bag, Zara. Ring, Topshop. Pink Ring H&M)


Tomorrow I’m attending the launch party for Minnies boutique. They go live on friday with their on- line store, very exciting and sure to be a fabulous affair. I will be blogging live from the event posting videos and a whole lot more….be sure to check back here tomorrow…




Metallic cardigan and dolce lace was perfect for today.. had a meeting and then taking some time to catch up with friends. Love being able to throw a big cardigan over my outfit especially when it’s such a brilliant colour.  I like to mix metallic with lace and sequins, i enjoy playing with the textures and colours to make an interesting look…

(Metallic cardigan, h&m. Leggings, Surface to air. Lace cami, Dolce & Gabbana. Bracelet, Tiffany) (Metallic cardigan, h&m. Leggings, Surface to air. Lace, Dolce & Gabbana. Bracelet, Tiffany)

I only discovered yesterday i had been shortlisted for a cosmopolitan magazine best new UK fashion blog award ! Very excited. I need you guys to vote for me .. you can do this by clicking the link i’ve added here  . and selecting dress me perfect in the new fashion category….

Thanks for taking the time to vote and i’ll see you soon