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A few weekend accessories. My favourite make up pieces and easy flats for a little weekend ease. Added glamour with a pair of dropped earrings and bracelet. A hat is always useful for a bad hair day or just to finish an outfit. Chic weekend dressing . I had to include the makeup as these are two of my favourite additions to my make up bag. The new tom ford primer in peach makes skin look even and clear and worn with the highlighter skin looks translucent and fresh.



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This week It’s become more prevalent as to why I’m doing this blog about fashion and style and what I’m hoping to achieve.

After listening and talking to women throughout the week I’ve come to see what issues are affecting women and dressing.

The woman at the post office counter for instance put herself down on three counts within 10 seconds. Whoa slow down .. give your self a break here. Your way to hard on your self have more of a realistic out look.
Yeah she was right about a few things .. her height, there was no getting away from that and she did have some valid issues regarding trouser shapes and her own body type.
She wants to wear all these lovely things she’s seen in magazines but felt she couldn’t

I heard this echoed through out the week from a multitude of women. They thought they couldn’t wear clothes such as jumpsuits because they were too old. NO WAY!! 30;40 old … shit
” So what you gonna do for the next 50 years” ? I asked.
My buttons had been pressed and my mission was to persuade them that it was all about picking the right one !

Yes I agree don’t go getting your self into a lycra tight-fitting cat suit… but there are some fabulous designs out there made for shapely,slim short and tall. The shops have sections for all.
So for the woman in the post office there are ways around these issues . There are clothes out there for you . You don’t have to be stuck with the leggings and jumper look.

To my other friends and their jumpsuit desires I explain further.
It has to be the right fabric like I said you couldn’t have any thing too tight. A soft silk or cotton with great loose silhouettes would work a dream on an “older” woman. Take a look at the Mark Jacobs jumpsuit I posted on feb 15th. This is just dreamy .. there’s no way a woman of all ages couldn’t wear this !!!

You can dress an outfit for day or night up or down. High heels for night-time flats/sandals for the day; accessories such as CORSAGE necklace or belt FOR A WEDDING LOOK… OR A LOOSE DRAPED BELT and flat sandals for holidays… the list goes on and I could explain so many ways to wear it and get good use from one piece.

Don’t give up on yourselves !

We are living longer than ever so there are more years to look glamorous. I think that’s fantastic.
It doesn’t have to be over because you reach a certain age.. you should be blooming. Some women don’t blossom until later on in life!!!

Take advantage of the fact we can look gorgeous for longer!!

I’ve put a fab picture of Catherine Zeta Jones on to show you how cool a woman of age can look. Catherine is 42 this year yet she’s rocking this outfit. Looking stylish and glamorous, yet it just a simple hat and scarf that’s made it. She’s also comfortable in her skin.



AT THIS AGE YOU SHOULD HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF YOUR SELF. Don’t be afraid of what others THINK or if they APPROVE.



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Caught up with a friend today.. nice bag. ps loving the watch

(here I’m wearing hat and scarf from reiss)