Nights Out:Rihanna-Diamonds world tour

Here are a few pictures of my outfit I wore to the Rihanna diamonds world tour concert. I got the tickets the morning of the show so it was very last minute. I really couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. After reading so much hype about her over the years It was going be nice to see and hear her for myself.
I can confirm the girl is cool, beautiful and has a very alluring sweetness about her. She sparkles-her eyes light up taking everything in and you can tell shes loving every moment. It wasn’t a big show of gimmicks or antics.It was just a performance of her. Her realness. Raw with no flashiness, which I guess is her appeal. She doesn’t need anything but herself. She’s enough to please the mases. She was no way as raunchy or rude as they say, infact compared to madonna’s shows she’s very mild. She does have huge sex appeal thou, that just oozes from her with minimum effort- She’s cool. I loved it and I think the whole stadium (65,000) of them did. It was like one huge nightclub party. I’d defo recommend a viewing.
I took lots of pictures on instagram- you can view them and follow me here.

I was wearing
DVF Leather Shorts
Stefanel T shirt
Kurt Geiger shoes
Celine sunglasses
Past season shirt & bag


Roll um up

I’ve not posted much these last few weeks- been so busy with christmas and family and other projects – two I’m working on now and I’m so excited about them… fingers crossed all goes well and I’ll be able to post about it very soon !! Today I decided to roll everything up- both jeans and jacket (sleeves) went up a few inches maybe in anticipation for spring but it’s always been a favorite look of mine. It’s just hard to do it a lot in this climate, usually ankles and hands are well wrapped up in boots and gloves. Brightened everything up with this acid orange coloured jumper, not a colour I tend to wear but I actually really like it. The new spring/summer colours are full of pastels and acid neons.. sometimes all too much to take in- but can’t wait to to be dressing in them.

Pleased to say this look made Asos fashion finder front page ..delighted !! Thanks asos xxx

Today I was wearing

Jaeger jumper

Reiss leather

River island boyfriend jeans

Mulberry bag

Christian Louboutin heels.(similar here)

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