Took a walk around the Castle grounds today. A wonderful coffee shop sits just on the river serving up coffee, cakes and lunches. It’s a few minutes walk from the city, but you would think you were deep in the heart of the country. What a beautiful day….



Chain knit

Jacket, H&M Trend. Glasses, Miu Miu

This light weight baseball style jacket almost looks like it’s made of metallic chains, it’s actually a sheer loose knit with a soft metallic finish. It’s sheer but it’s softly lined front and back panels allow you to wear it alone, as I’ve done here. The sheen of the fabric and they way it falls softly against the skin gives a glimpse of what lies beneath, alluring in such a practical piece. I actually had a little vision when I bought it… I was at the coast, sun going down, jacket over my bikini, sunkissed skin beneath the sheerness, gold bangles, heavy shades and an iced tea mmmm.  Today I had to settle for my jeans and  my red miu miu glasses ,they’re the ones used in the S/S 12 Catwalk show.

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