P is for….

P is for easy to wear playsuits. Great for summer days spent out and about. Especially love the relax fit to this one. Draped front and eleastic waist make it ideal for lounging around. I could of added a belt but I actuall like the way it falls. Left by itself the fabric is soft and finds it way to fit in the most flattering way. Didn’t want to spoil that with too much fuss. This weather is just fabulous for dressing- I always feel more at ease in summer clothes- thou I do love winter layering I could quite easily spend my life in the sun.
P is for party.. today was spent with my family and the BBQ. Cooking outside has such appeal. It’s easy to get carried away with food sizzling, drinks flowing and the sun shining- someone turn up the music- party mood.

I was wearing
Playsuit (past season but similar here & here)
River Island Shoes (similare here& here)
Celine handbag
Celine TV screen Sunglasses
Reiss Watch strap Bracelet
Pandora oxidised mixed charm bracelet

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Bare legs

I’m indulging in some winter cream to brighten these grey days. I know I’m going to have to start wearing tights with my skirts but whilst I can I’m going bare legs. I do love the lace tights and socks around but finding the right pair can be quite difficult the strong patterns can often make legs look bigger. This skirt is one that’s lay dormant in my wardrobe for the past year. I’ve loved the colour and fabric but have never worn it as the shape just wasn’t right for me.I decided to take two inches of the length making it perfect for what I wanted. I’ve a new face book page I’d love you to join me on.The link to the new facebook page is here. (not the link on the side bar)

I’m wearing.

Carven Skirt, Topshop bracelets, Zara coat and Zara belt.


Gold on Gold

Out and about today wearing this gold on gold outfit.Teamed it here with black boots and other accessories.I’m visiting Milan next month so I’ve been looking around for pieces to put together for outfits. So excited.Last time I went was on a day trip that didn’t quite go to plan-a long story, but what with a mix up with the trains and a very blonde moment it wasn’t quite the shopping or cultural experience I had hoped for. So I’ll be cramming in as much as possible whilst I’m there this time.

I’m wearing

Ash boots, Dolce and Gabbana belt. Celine audrey sunglasses and H&M sweater.

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Back in the day- nostalgic over these adidas 70’s trainers. This Nike tracksuit is also based around an 80’s design… finding it nice to mix them into my everyday wear as well as wearing them here on my hols. I’ve also been flicking through the ages of Spanish Elle and such and found some really hot looks. There’s something about the attitude in the European editorials that I love It’s all so naturally cool.