My day

As it was such a lovely morning I decided to get out early and enjoy it, especially after the start to the year we’ve had. It was nice to see the sky really is blue. I wanted to catch up with my dad for coffee, and a few friends before getting my hair cut. I started the day with my hair tied back in a tight bun with darkening roots and finished it with a blonde blunt cut bob.

( Story behind the Carriage Clock that stands in St Marys street Cardiff)

Jumpsuit, Eden. Vest, H&M. Jacket, Gucci. Boots, KG.

I went out in a pair of pumps but soon realised it was far to cold so ran back and put on the first thing to hand, which happened to be these old KG boots. I only ever wear them to trudge through the mud at kids football on Saturday mornings, but they are so comfy and I enjoyed trekking town in them. Makes shopping easier when your comfortable.


Peplums & Strawberry Lips

Skirt and Peplum top H&M. Boots, KG past season. Lipstick, L’oreal No;71

Skirt and Peplum top H&M. Boots, KG past season. Lipstick, L’oreal No;71

I ve never worn strong colours on my lips before as I usually focus on heavier eyes, but now that I’ve found the lovely soft pastel colours to put on my lids I can enjoy wearing the strawberry and hot pink on my lips. It’s a nice change to wear soft pastels on my eyes it feels fresh and bright.

I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair short and going much blonder, almost in a 50/60’s style. I’m drawn to bright hair, bright lips. … mmm I’m close to doing it but scared I’ll make a bad decision. I might go try out a few wigs just to make sure the look suits me… I’ll keep you posted.

I’m wearing a pretty peplum top here with pencil skirt both new season H&M. This style is so flattering and perfect for making pretty the waist. It’s nice to see a style of top that’s not about the sleeve or collar. I’m a huge fan of decorating the waist line. These new season silhouettes celebrate the beauty of a woman’s shape and I love that.

Ps you can buy this outfit, along with lots of my other items on ASOS marketplace



So it’s boxing day already, the christmas chaos is over, everything is unwrapped. opened and now being enjoyed. It’s always been a favourite day of mine. Everyone is more relaxed, and it’s nice to watch those around you enjoying their presents. aswell as enjoying your own. More…

Love the back detail to this jumper that I’m wearing from Stefanel. It’s plain to the front but when you look further it reveals a little surprise to the back, which is what I like about it. Like a present it has to be untied to get out of, and shows things aren’t always as they first seem…..

My bag is Kurt Keiger and jeans Victoria Beckham.

Have a lovely day all… xxx