The detailing and silhouettes at the Bora Aksu show depicted everything feminine and romantic, the beauty of love. Clinched waists and sweeping silhouettes showcased the elegance of a woman, it was just perfect. I fell in love with this very seductive collection, and after reading the inspiration behind it i knew why. It’s based around the journey of love.. postcards found at a antiques market tell the story of an Edwardian sweetheart’s love. Whether it was conquered or lost we will never know.. but through them this beautiful collection was born.
The dresses taking the lines of the delicate handwriting with flowing layering and soft curves. The demi-couture signature of Bora Aksu is played out in the hand sculptured leather roses, lace and dramatic pleating.
I love the layering of the fabrics, the use of tulles and silks, the nude on midnight black, dramatic in it’s effect. Read on…

His show was filled with the most beautiful shades of cream, flesh pinks and biscuit, thus playing on the romance that lay in all our hearts. As well as the colours the functionality of the clothes make them dreamy..oh how i love this collection ! If i had to choose one that signifies me this would be it ..
The collection goes from light to dark in that love may start off hopeful but possibly end unfulfilled; very inspiring for a romantic like me … make sure you live your dreams and fulfill your hearts desires… loves uncertain journey ! Enjoy xxx