Winter coat

My Grey coat has seen me through this wet and dreary winter. Been perfect with most of my clothes-wore it today with baggy jumper and leggings. I think I’m well over dressing for winter and defo not wanting to buy anything else this season. Can’t wait to see new arrivals hitting the stores for spring. . It’s such a difficult time to buy, shops are full of sale pieces and early new season is not always the best. I’m waiting a few weeks before I invest in any 2013 pieces… have a few ideas in mind !!!

Today I was wearing A/W Zara coat

Ash boots

whistles jumper

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Gold on Gold

Out and about today wearing this gold on gold outfit.Teamed it here with black boots and other accessories.I’m visiting Milan next month so I’ve been looking around for pieces to put together for outfits. So excited.Last time I went was on a day trip that didn’t quite go to plan-a long story, but what with a mix up with the trains and a very blonde moment it wasn’t quite the shopping or cultural experience I had hoped for. So I’ll be cramming in as much as possible whilst I’m there this time.

I’m wearing

Ash boots, Dolce and Gabbana belt. Celine audrey sunglasses and H&M sweater.

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last days of summer

(Jacket/Isabel Marant.Shorts/Past season H&M.Boots/Ash)

Can it be that the summer has passed already.. sad to know the summer nights are over and we are slowly drifting into autumn. Thou I’m not too bothered at the moment as September happens to be my favorite month, I adore the honey glowed evenings,the crisp days… and the wearing of summer and winter clothing together. I love to introduce my winter pieces but still like to hold onto summer fabrics and light colors.Shorts worn with coats rather then vests seem kind of perfect for a September day.

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