Took a walk around the Castle grounds today. A wonderful coffee shop sits just on the river serving up coffee, cakes and lunches. It’s a few minutes walk from the city, but you would think you were deep in the heart of the country. What a beautiful day….



Double Silver

Top, Zara. Pants, H&M. Shoes, Maloles. Clutch, Miu Miu.

Head to toe in metallics today. Seem to be getting away with wearing these H&M silver trousers with everything. Teamed them here with a soft knit from Zara and my maloles flats for a casual day look.

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Bib front

Shirt, Ralph Lauren. Skirt and boots, Zara.
Wore this white sheer bib front shirt by ralph lauren and skirt from zara when I went out for dinner last night. Pasta was on the menu and wearing white didn’t seem like the cleverest thing to do. Luckily I escaped with out any spills and returned home in the same way I had left. Phew !!!



Blue suede shoes, CÉLINE

I wrote about the minimalist sandals back last October and I’ve been after a pair ever since. These gorgeous blue suede ones are by LINE. Tried them with my denims and they looked perfect… think they’ll work with most things though. Looking great with jeans is a must for me. I love it when I put great shoes on and they work with anything, just like that. Thinking you could sling these on quickly with a pair of jeans, white shirt and red lips just to pop to the local watering hole for a shandy.  Looking chic with minimum effort. Love it when fashion is that easy !  Mm think I’ve just inspired myself… I’m off out ! Shandy any one ??



Read it, love it, wear it…

I came into my bedroom to find my daughter amongst my magazine collection and realised she had made quite a work of art. I decided as they lay on my bedroom floor looking amazing It was a moment to capture. Each cover looked striking and I remembered why I loved each one, not only for the front cover but for the inspirations inside. I remembered why I had kept them and that the looks and styles still as beautiful today as when first published. Some of them iconic.

It’s so easy to be bombarded by all the different trends the mags speak of and there seems to be so many lately. Neon, candy, girlie, monochrome,purist,minimalist, max out, shimmer, lace, spots and stripes and all things expensive and nice. It can blow your mind to a point you don’t know what you are or what you should invest in !! I want to be all of them and find I cross from one to the other in a matter of days. I guess I don’t want to be boxed in with what I wear and like to try everything. I know what I like and have learnt to be more selective with what I wear. I have also been known to get very carried away and buy impulsively and not with any preactical reason for doing so. I’ve sometimes come home to find that what seemed like a brilliant idea an hour ago actually isn’t so great when I realise I don’t have a thing to go with it and it remains in the wardrobe unworn but still loved !!

I’m in a dilema at the moment. I seem to be building my wardrobe around all the shoes I love and now that’s left me with about three different looks I need to accomplish just to fit the shoe !!! The joys of fashion, it’s never enough. As soon as you got one thing you need another (or want I should say) Just as I was comfortable with what I wanted for summer I saw the a/w catwalks and now want a whole diffreent thing. The constant cycle of fashion can drive you crazy but I guess you just have to dress to what you want. Ultimately it’s not about what’s in it’s about how you want to look, feel and be !!! I use these magazines no matter how old they are to inspire me. If I like a look from 10 years ago I will re-create it and not care if it’s on trend or not. I just think it looks great and that’s all that matters !!