(Necklaces/Topshop. Bracelet/Topshop)

I’ve worn crosses for as long as I can remember. I’ve gone a little OTT with this lot but I like the effect of these crosses worn together and I’ve always loved layering necklaces..



(Dress/ASOS. Christian Louboutin Chiarana Pumps)

and this is summer… really where did the sunshine go?? Did someone turn off the summer switch ?? wet,cold and miserable days.. quite a contrast to my life a month ago… thinking I need to get away again….

One piece outfit,no accessories,just a simple pair of black pumps and I’m away with the night !!!


Pumped up

(Christian Louboutin Chiarana Pumps. Zara Coat, Tibi Bodysuit. Levi shorts)

Not at all practical for use with these denim shorts or for daily wear but I couldn’t leave them on my bedroom floor a day longer. Wanting to wear these shoes has been like having money burning hole in pocket – I just had to wear them,…



Acne Magenta Dress. Shoes/Miu Miu

Hardly a great summer we’re having here in the UK. Slipped on this gorgeous dress by Acne for the day,Love how that’s all I had to do to wear it. Slinky simplicity! Mind I hardly got out the door and the weather changed…. I did have a jacket to hand of course. Wishful thinking I could go out for the day dressed for summer. Love how the drapped back falls softly onto the hips and sits comfortably above the knee. A perfect little dress for daytime fun or an evening sipping cocktails…


for the weekend

Jacket/Acne. Jans/Diesel. Shoes/Louboutin

Today’s outfit, a little messy but the basics all there -jacket, jeans and heels. Decided to get hair fixed and smoothed out after taking these pics… the joys of curls !!