Okay, I know winter is very much here and the summer days are way behind us, but seeing these cute new styles I could’t resist indulging in a little bare leg action without having to go out and wear them myself. Perfect pieces if your escaping to warmer climates for holidays. That would be nice. I’m Struggling already and I got months ahead of cold days bbrrrr.

Going bare legged is still one of my favourite looks.Even though the weather doesn’t permit the majority of the time. There are still occasions where braving it out is a must. Not to forget the up and coming party nights to wear all those party dresses. A great reason to go bare legs in winter. I recently wore a cute skirt with bare legs but covered up in chunky faux fur. I’ll post those pictures up tomorrow.

I’ve been a little absence on here lately due to a a busy schedule of being daughter, mother and sister… So much goes on throughout the weeks that I don’t think we realise how busy our lives become. I’ve bought some lovely pieces lately. I’m desperate to get them on here and show you. Too much to catch up on. The next thing we know it’ll be christmas again. … trying not to think about that just yet. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

Dawn xxx


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