Bare minimum

Early evening is certainly my favourite time of day-people and temperatures start relaxing a things feel a lot less hectic. Kept things to a minimum today. It’s definitely easier that way. It’s such a problem when the weather gets hot here in the UK- we always seem so unprepared for it. Lack of outdoor swimming pools, beach clubs and dining areas makes things harder. Certainly not complaining,well apart from yesterday when I was in London. It was so hot around oxford street that I was glad to leave- that’s a first for me. I usually love visiting London.
I’m not one to sit in the sun. I enjoy the ease of living the weather brings-like not having to worry about getting rained on etc. The only worry I guess is protecting your skin. I bought some great beauty products recently. I’ve been using the una brennan brand for some time now and love trying the different ranges. I’ve got a new vit c skin brightener which include a protector. I know we don’t have an incredible amount of sunshine or vit d and it’s good to soak up the rays but we should still be aware of the dangers of the sun. It’s always good to look after your skin.

I was wearing
3.1 Phillip lim Vest
Denim shorts
Zara sandals (similar here& here)
Celine bag


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