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This is a review of these fab yoga pants and sports bra from M&S. I was asked to review something from the range so I chose these. The bra is a fabulous leopard print so it doesn’t matter if it shows through and the best thing about it is the great support. It feels comfortable and actually something I would wear the whole day. Stops any unwanted movement and feels secure when running or doing anything energetic. It’s smooth and padded so gives a lovely shape when worn with a t-shirt or vest. I’ve worn lots of sports bra’s over the years and I have to say this is one of the best. The yoga pants are soft and comfortable and I ended up wearing them for the day -even just lazing around the house. They are a perfect pair for exercise or leisure. I don’t actually do yoga so I’ve used mine as a legging for running or gym. I love the top panel. A slight distraction from the middle and the print I actually find flattering and even slimming. It kinda gives you a waist. Clothing can be tucked in easily as they are loose which also means the line doesn’t dig into the belly creating an overlap of skin or an empahsis on any bulges. I love the idea of having a relaxed waist band. There’s nothing worse then having a pair of pants that dig in at the waist and create a band between the top and bottom. Two great pieces that make exercise easier and fashionable.

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M&S yoga pants
M&S sports bra
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