Go it alone.

Two things I love about this cardigan-the colour and the silhoutte when styled this way. Decided to go it alone and wear nothing other then a belt. Wrapped across the bust and just enough flesh on show- it’s almost something Marylin Monroe would of been seen stepping out in, in the 50’s. I love the fact I can wear it like this or layered up. A cool forward purchase for a/w. I love seeing all the new arrivals coming into stores. Sales are great but I always get excited to see the new season colours and gain inspirations from designers. This is a perfect transitional piece. Not too much like winter but enough to wear when the days start to get a little chilly. I took full advantage of a cloudy day and stepped out to town in teal and burgundy. Hope you’vre had a great saturday. Dawn xx

I was wearing
Acne cardigan
KG shoes
Celine handbag
Topshop Bracelets
M&S past seaon belt (something similar here)
Celine sunglasses


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