Peaches & Cream

Mid week mania- nothing new there. The summer is flying by. Thankfully this week we’ve had some sunshine. I’ve had such a busy week. It’s hard work trying to juggle children and wanting to achieve a dream. If I’m not around the children, I miss them and their smiling faces. I try to fit everything in on the one or two days my daughter goes to nursery, just so I don’t miss too much of this precious time with her.And of course my boys are older and attend school everyday.That makes things easier, when you know they have to be in school by law-kinda takes the guilt of you for leaving them. I’ve never found it easy spending time away from them and I’m often torn on moving things forward with ideas I have and spending time with them. It’s hard work being a woman ha ha …..
This outfit consists of a mix of peaches and cream- soft dreamy tones of summer. Ah milk it whilst you can. The suede shorts are past season h&m and I was about to sell them. Of course I had to try them on one last time. You know, just-in-case I shouldn’t sell them. And yes you guessed it. I’m keeping them. Loved them more this year then last. Sometimes it’s worth while hanging onto little pieces, as your style and taste changes year by year.

I was wearing
J Brand leather jacket (similar here & here)
H&M shorts ( similar here)
Zara shoes ( something beautiful here & here)
Stefanel tshirt (similar here )
Celine Sunglasses


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