My seven days with stylistpick

Here are all Seven looks from my Stylistpick Seven days Seven dresses challenge. I don’t think I could say which is my favourite as I love them all for different reasons.I really think I’ll be wearing a lot more dresses from now on thou.Stylistpick did a lovely feature on the challenge on their blog which you can see here.I was also so happy and very surprised to see in my inbox yesterday a very lovely email with a ‘Dressing up with Dawn’ feature. Kinda made my day and I did let out a few whoops of delight on seeing it. A very big thank you for such lovely coverage.I’m so grateful for opportunities like these and it really makes blogging worth while.All seven dresses and lots more can be bought online  here

Day One: Carnation blue print dress by Closet
Day Two: Whistle & Wolf Floral dress
Day Three: Kilda Monochrome stripe dress by Closet
Day Four:Cloudy Pink strapless dress by Ruby Rocks and Shoes by stylistpick
Day Five:Freesia blue lace dress by Closet
Day Six: Campbell blue midi dress
Day Seven:  Banks Grey colour block dress

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