Trio shoulder bag

An evening stroll through old town Palma, one of my favourite places and with the sun setting against peachy stone walls and cathedrals it’s beauty makes it the loveliest place to be. I guessed it perfect for snapping this gorgeous Celine trio bag. This is definately far from my usual choice of handbag but I really couldn’t resist the colour. The choice was between this and the current seasons blue but I was drawn to the red. Makes a complete change for me in every way,which is what I actually love about it. It’s the perfect strolling handbag and great for around town. Beats the heavy bags I’m usually lugging around full of things I rarely need but daren’t remove for the ‘just incase’ scenario.This mimimal bag forced me to be far more practical. For the first time in agaes I actually knew what was in my handbag…. There’s also the popper detail which allows you to remove the front compartment to use as a clutch. Perfect two bags in one.

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I was wearing
Celine Bag (similar here)
Lover Shorts
Zara Mac
Zara Shoes
Celine TV Screen sunnies

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